Tuesday, July 1, 2014

color me red

i am angry....they have taken the pledge of allegiance out of schools and eliminated any reference to god. i am a christian...ok, i do not attend service in any church--well, i did make that christmas pageant three years ago--and i prefer sleeping in on sunday mornings...but i believe in god.

i am angry...they are building and assembling wind generators on the hill across from me and obstucting my view...yes, i have a television and a computer and electric fans and....those cars in my garage? yes, they are mine. i prefer my gasoline is manufactured somewhere remote because the catastrophe on the gulf was terrible.
i want my gas cheap, affordable and from....somewhere far away...because i want to keep the environment (near me) clean.

i am angry....at the illegals crossing into our country...yes, the ones who clean your houses and take care of your children and work in your meat packing plants...because i blame them for the high crime rate and the swine flu and food stamp fraud.

i am angry at those outraged by the supreme court ruling in favor of hobby lobby...if hobby lobby doesn't want to cover the cost of contraceptives under their insurance because it  is an affront to their religious beliefs, so what? that they don't pay employees well, that most of their merchandise is imported from china...china, noted for their stellar human rights activity and open-mindness to religions...and that women's contraceptive healthcare is eliminated at will...so what?

i am angry at people who leave their dogs in hot cars....inhumane....unlike the humane way factory farming treats chickens or beef or pigs....so i'll protest for the poor dogs as soon as i eat my fastfood hamburger...

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